• Assessment of tender awarding procedures and selection of contractors under the public procurement procedure
  • Assessment of project compliance with proposal / contract / building project
  • Investment project mangement
  • Representation in the process of building / facility handover and acceptance for use
  • Representation in warranty claims assessment and management
  • Audit of technical maintenance service quality
  • Developing the concept of maintenance and technical service of the building (incl. Terms of Reference for public procurement procedure for comprehensive maintenance and technical services)
    Comprehensive legal and technical assistance in the public procurement procedure
  • Ongoing technical administration of a building
    Pre-tender and post-commissioning technical servicing of buildings
  • Analysis and optimisation of running costs of the property
  • Expert opinions, audits and technical reports
  • Building inspections pursuant to Article 62 of the Building Law
  • Developing Fire Safety Instructions for buildings
  • Updating Fire Safety Instructions
  • Fire Safety inspections

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